Make Money By Knowing The Myths

Whether it is sports betting or gambling in casino or betting of any sort there are chances that you may lose money. There is a Poker App Review which you can go through. When we say that you 'may' lose money it doesn't mean that you will definitely lose money, this gives a ray of hope that you will win sometimes. There are people who say that the only people who will win sports betting are the ones who are good at calculating odds and do the job of betting on a regular basis. This is not true since people who are professional gamblers lose several times. There is no easy way of making money when you are in a betting world. Hard work is the only way to make money. People think that betting does not require any hard work or time dedication. This is another reason why many people lose while betting.

Fictions About Sports Betting

Winning in sports betting purely depends on the luck which is not very true. Games that purely depend on luck are games played in casino and lottery. However, we have to agree that some part of it depends on the luck because sometimes you place the bet thinking that you might win it and end up losing it or vice versa.
Advancing towards sports betting in a right way can lead to successful betting. One needs to spend ample amount of time doing researchers to analyze how the sports betting market works what are the strategies which you need to follow and which strategies must be used for which type of sports and at what time is something that a good bettor has to do.

This is when you can say that your winning in betting is not because you were lucky. So next time if people come and congratulate you on your winning because you are lucky, make sure to tell them that it was purely because of hard work. Don't get carried away by this very soon because when you lose in spite of applying all the strategies you tend to blame your luck again which is not the case. You would have lost the betting because of some mistake that you would have done unknowingly and not because you are unlucky. Rather than feeling bad about your loss blaming the luck start analyzing where you went wrong and try not to repeat the same mistake.

Sports Betting

We must have heard several times people saying that in the betting world you need to be good at mathematics. Here's the news for you, mathematics and betting are nowhere linked with each other. Exploiting the numbers is what is necessary during sports betting. If you do some research you will know that many people who make money out of betting are not mathematics genius. Where there are betting and money involved some sort of mathematics which is basic is required that is known by any individual these days. So not being a math genius is not going to stand in way of winning or losing in sports betting.

Placing a bet when there are higher odds in sports betting will give you profitable returns is another myth. The reason people think this is true is that because of the statement ''if the odds are higher the potential payouts are higher.'' Let's take an example to understand this- You are in a casino where the wager you need to choose from are: You need to bet $20 and if you get a seven of hearts you will win $100.
You need to bet $20 and if you get any card from the deck other than seven of hearts you will win $40.

The better choice here is the second one because chances of drawing any card other than drawing seven of hearts are most likely to happen. Even though the wager is less in the second one the chances of winning are high. Similarly, when it comes to sports betting the winning does not depend on the odds but the chances of the bet you can win. The fact is the higher the odds are the lower the chances.

There is a method known as progressive betting in which you place betting depending on the past results. Many people seem to think that this works very well but it's a biggest lie or myth you can say. These are divided into two major types positive progression system and negative progression system.

Here is a list of things that I would tell to a novice sports bettor


Eben Pagan once famously said, “You can’t convince anyone of anything. You can only give them the right information so that they convince themselves.”

Towards this end, I wanted to make sure that this article gives information as it is. my experience of three and half decades in the field of sports betting is anything but sheer fun. And I know that what I am telling now and forever especially to the younger generation who is trying to foray into this field is mostly out of my experiences.

Yet I do not want to use the word ‘advise’ because that would give it a preachy color and appearance. And no one is ever in a mood for advice. Herein I have tried to compile y life experience in a nutshell.

The excerpt here is only a concise of the actual book that I have written on this topic and that was received so well world over hat it went to become the best seller of the year 2017. Nevertheless, for the benefit of the people who have not heard about it or yet to lay their hands on it, I am bringing out this list of to do things when you want to enter this most enchanting field of sports betting.


  1. Know the nuances to understand:

The first thing that you must do to understand the field is to know whether you are drawn towards it in the first place. Do not wager in sports for reasons like you have spare time, or that you have little more money or that your friends have all dabbled in this and have asked you to give them company. No! you must enter this field with the idea of either having fun where you will not bother too much whether you did win or lose or you will come here with the sole purpose of profiteering.

  1. But this is a field full of risks:

Now, to have a rider on the latter, you must keep this in mind always that sports betting or any betting for that matter is never a bed of roses. No one is going to let you win hands down and let you walk away with wads of currencies. No!

As much as I know, it is one of those fields that are highly competitive. Winning can seldom happen to you and it is more often that you will lose money on your bets. But you will have to persevere. You cannot run away mid-battle and lay down your weapons. You must be determined to stay there until the end.

If you win, you take the crown and if you lose which you most probably will more often you will need to take it with large pinches of salt and better yourself at the wagering next time.

  1. Don’t lose hope easily:

Every time you lose a wager, you are winning inexperience and this attitude is extremely important for you to carry on in this line of calling.

Making smaller bets and being selective about where you put your money is as important as placing informed bets. In the beginning, you must prefer to wager smaller amounts. This will give you time to learn the ropes of the trade as well as help you not lose out too much money.

There are thousands of tournaments and leagues happening throughout the year and you endeavor will be to study the sport that you want to bet on and then subsequently the tournaments that you want to. Blindly betting right and left has never been beneficial to anyone. Selectiveness is indeed the key to success here.

  1. Staking only as much as you can afford to lose:

You must discount the living costs and the money that you will need for your dependents and only what is left out of the money is what you can actually afford to lose. You must have calculated this before you step your foot in the stadium.

Staking an amount beyond your capacity can wreak havoc on your financial status. You could lose all your money in one blow and before you know it you could become homeless. This is exactly why this field is known to be a dangerous one to tread in. but you need not fear in case you have come prepared.

  1. Betting can form a vicious habit:

Betting like gambling can be addictive. It is important also that you have a right mindset to it. It is easy to get carried away in a field as speculative as this and that is why it is important that you keep your guards open at all times.

Reiterating the earlier point makes sense here because when you set a limit to your wagering and stick to the stake, there is nothing that can deter you from it.

  1. You may even consider betting online:

The internet has opened a host of opportunities to all of us. Now, we can sit in the plush chair in our own living and also bet. Choosing the right platform to bet online may still be dicey but if you spend a little more time trying to decipher which one it is going to be for you then you can with a list help from Google Sir hit the bull’s eye!

There are several reviewing sites on the internet that regularly come out with their rankings in these online betting sites. You can sign up for their ranking list and follow them for a while till you get a hang of it.

  1. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket:

It is quite important that you do not put all your money in the same place. Distributing the risk is the best thing to do as far as betting of any kind is concerned. If you are betting online, it is suggested that you do it on more than a couple of websites. This will ensure that your chances of winning are comparatively high.

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